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Managing Auditing in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: February 2019

Audit Configuration Task Map

The following task map points to the procedures for configuring auditing. All tasks are optional.

For Instructions
Select which events are audited.
Preselects system-wide audit classes. If an event is attributable, then all users are audited for this event.
Select which events are audited for specific users.
Sets user-specific differences from the system-wide audit classes.
Specify audit policy.
Defines additional audit data that your site requires.
Create the audit_warn email alias.
Defines who receives email warnings when the audit service needs attention.
Configure audit logs.
Configures the location of audit records for each plugin.
Add audit classes.
Reduces the number of audit records by creating a new audit class to hold critical events.
Change event-to-class mappings.
Reduces the number of audit records by changing the event-class mapping.