Endeca Assembler 3.1.1 Java API

Core Assembler
com.endeca.infront.assembler Contains the core interfaces for the Assembler.
com.endeca.infront.assembler.event The Assembler Event listening interface.
com.endeca.infront.assembler.event.request Interface for tracking information related to individual Assembler.assemble() calls.
com.endeca.infront.assembler.servlet This package provides an HttpServlet interface over an Assembler to serve Assembler clients over the wire and a servlet for generating links for preview.


Spring Assembler Implementation
com.endeca.infront.assembler.servlet.spring Contains implementations of the Assembler Servlet and Preview Link Servlet powered by Spring for bean resolution.
com.endeca.infront.assembler.spring Contains an implementation of the Assembler that uses Spring for managing configuration and resolving it.
com.endeca.infront.web.spring Contains Spring-powered utilities to get an Assembler app working.


Core Endeca Cartridges and MDEX API
com.endeca.infront.cartridge Contains the built-in Assembler cartridge handlers and their configuration classes.
com.endeca.infront.cartridge.model Contains model objects for use in the built-in Assembler cartridge handlers.
com.endeca.infront.navigation Contains classes and interfaces for making requests to an MDEX server.
com.endeca.infront.navigation.model Contains model objects for use in making requests to an MDEX server.
com.endeca.infront.navigation.url Contains URL-based implementations of the interfaces in com.endeca.infront.navigation for making requests to an MDEX server.


Assembler Performance Monitoring Framework
com.endeca.infront.assembler.perf The performance package contains utility classes and interfaces to monitor timing and performance events in an application.
com.endeca.infront.assembler.perf.config A set of configuration beans used for configuring the Assembler Perf monitoring system.
com.endeca.infront.assembler.perf.serializers Contains serializers to be used with the Assembler performance monitoring package.


Assembler Utility Packages
com.endeca.infront.content Contains all interfaces for accessing and representing content in an Assembler Application.
com.endeca.infront.content.source Contains interfaces for content sources in an Assembler Application.
com.endeca.infront.navigation.event The interface to create navigation related RequestEvent objects and log them to an Oracle Endeca log server
com.endeca.infront.serialization Contains serializers that may be used to serialize java beans to XML or JSON.
com.endeca.infront.web.tags Contains tags to use when building an Assembler-powered application.


Other Packages
com.endeca.soleng.urlformatter The core of the URL Optimization API containing the fundamental components required for URL manipulation and generation - including the primary UrlState class and its related UrlFormatter and QueryBuilder interfaces.
com.endeca.soleng.urlformatter.basic Contains the BasicUrlFormatter and BasicQueryBuilder classes.
com.endeca.soleng.urlformatter.seo Contains the SeoUrlFormatter and its associated classes for configuring and tuning the behavior of this SEO-friendly implementation of the core UrlFormatter interface.


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