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Sun Ethernet Fabric Operating System

LLDP Administration Guide

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Enable LLDP Optional TLVs

Enabling a Specific Management Address

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Enable IEEE 802.1 Organizationally-Specific TLVs

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Enable IEEE 802.3 Organizationally-Specific TLVs

Disable LLDP Basic Optional TLVs

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Enable LLDP Optional TLVs

This section describes how to configure basic optional TLVs for transmission when the transmission status is set to Disabled by default. The following optional TLVs are in LLDP:

To enable the LLDP optional TLVs, perform the following steps:

  1. At both switches, enable basic optional TLVs.
    SEFOS# configure terminal
    SEFOS(config)# interface extreme-ethernet 0/1
    SEFOS(config-if)# lldp tlv-select basic-tlv port-descr sys-name-sys-descr sys-capab mgmt-addr all
    SEFOS(config)# end
  2. At switch 1, review the local system information.
    SEFOS# show lldp local extreme-ethernet 0/1
    Port Id SubType            : Interface Alias
    Port Id                : Slot0/1
    Port Description            : Ethernet Interface
    Enabled Tx Tlvs            : Port Description, System Name, 
                        System Description, System Capability,                             Management Address
  3. Review the local management address.
    SEFOS# show lldp local mgmt-addr
    Management Address            TxEnabledPorts
    ------------------            --------------                Ex0/1
  4. At switch 2, review the information about learned neighbors.
    SEFOS# show lldp neighbors ex 0/1 detail
    Port Description            : Ethernet Interface
    System Name                : name_of_system
    System Desc                : SNMPV2
    Local Intf                : Ex0/1
    Time Remaining            : 96 Seconds
    System Capabilities Supported    : B,R
    System Capabilities Enabled    : B,R
    Management Addresses        :
    IfId        SubType    Address            OID
    ----        -------    -------            ---
    1009        IPv4            1 3 6 1 2 1 2 2 1 1