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Oracle® Server X5-2 Installation Guide for Oracle Solaris Operating System

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Updated: April 2015

Set Up the Local Console

  1. To connect a local console, do one of the following:
    • Connect a terminal to the serial management port (SER MGT) either directly or through a terminal emulator.

      Note -  The default speed of the serial management port is 9600 baud.
    • Connect a VGA monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the video port (VGA) and the USB ports.

  2. For serial management port (SER MGT) connections only, to establish a connection to the host serial port:
    1. Type your Oracle ILOM user name and password.

      The default Oracle ILOM user name is root and the default password is changeme.

    2. At the Oracle ILOM prompt, type:

      -> start /HOST/console

    The serial management port output is automatically routed to the server SP serial console.

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