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Oracle® Server X5-2 Installation Guide for Oracle Solaris Operating System

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Updated: April 2015

Console Display Options

You can install the OS and administer the server by attaching a local console directly to the server's service processor (SP). The server supports two types of local consoles:

  • A terminal connected to the serial management port (SER MGT)

    You can connect the terminal directly to the port or connect it to a terminal emulator that is connected directly to the port.

  • A VGA monitor, USB keyboard, and USB mouse connected directly to the video port (VGA) and any of the four exterior USB connectors

You can also install the OS and administer the server from a remote console by establishing a network connection to the server SP. There are two types of remote consoles:

  • Web-based client connection using the Oracle ILOM Remote System Console Plus application

  • Secure Shell (SSH) client connection to the network management port (NET MGT)