6.45 Kdump Fails if Dump Location Changes

If the device for the kdump location changes, the kdump data file cannot be written to the dump device. This results in messages in the error log similar to:

kdump: kexec: loaded kdump kernel 
kdump: started up 
kernel: Bridge firewalling registered 
kernel: bio: create slab <bio-2> at 2 
init: ovs-console-tty (ovs-console-tty) main 
process (3017) terminated with status 1 

This may occur if the device letters of the dump disk have changed, for example from /dev/sda to /dev/sdb during a reboot. Kdump assumes the default (first) block device (sda), and that may have changed during a reboot.

Workaround: Specify the kdump file system using the UUID and not the path to the block device, for example, use ext4 UUID=uuid in the /etc/kdump.conf file.

Bug 18676354