Kibana Analytics

Leverage the power of PeopleSoft analytics, from simplified analytics to interactive data visualizations with Kibana.

You can access Kibana analytics directly from your PeopleSoft applications. Kibana uses preexisting Elasticsearch indexes, so there's no load on the transactional database. And it comes with your PeopleTools installation, so you'll have no additional costs for licensing or implementation.

Pivot grids delivered with
PeopleSoft applications

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  • Human Capital Management

    Absence Management

    • Abs Event Cost Analysis ADM
    • Abs Event Cost Analysis MGR
    • Abs Liability and Trends ADM
    • Abs Liability and Trends MGR
    • Absence by Generated PI or By Generated Positive Input Pagelet
    • Absence by Take and Type
    • Absence Event Analysis for ADM
    • Absence Event Analysis
    • Absences By Negative Balance or Employee with Negative Balance
    • Analyze by Paid-Unpaid Status
    • Periodic Absence Rate ADM
    • Periodic Absence Rate MGR
    • Absence by Take and Type


    • My Team's Performance Status
    • Team Performance Status

    Global Payroll

    • View Department ID Details

    Human Resources

    • Compensation Distribution
    • Current Headcount - HR Admin
    • Current Headcount Profile - Mgr
    • Cycle Guideline Alert
    • Cycle Tracking
    • Headcount Movement - HR Admin
    • Headcount Movement - Manager
    • Performance vs. Compa-Ratio
    • Salary Analysis
    • Salary Increase by Performance
    • Variable Compensation by Performance

    Payroll for North America

    • Comparative Cheques (CAN)
    • Comparative Checks
    • Comparative Deductions
    • Comparative Earnings
    • Deductions By Company
    • Deductions by Deduction Code
    • Earnings by Company
    • Earnings by Earnings Code
    • Employee Cheque Data (CAN)
    • Employee Check Data
    • Payment Option

    Talent Acquisition Manager

    • In Process Applicants
    • Job Opening Aging Analysis
    • Job Openings Open and Close Trend
    • Time to Fill
    • Average Time to Fill
    • Time to Fill – Manager

    Time and Labor

    • Absence Type
    • Absence Types - Benefits
    • ACA Full/ Part Time Status
    • ACA Monthly Threshold
    • ACA Weekly Threshold
    • ACA New Hire/Rehire
    • Attendance Violations
    • Payable Time by Labor Costs
    • Payable Time by Status
    • Payable Time Trend
    • Time Categories Comparison
    • Timesheet by Status
    • TL Time Status Pivot Grid
  • Enterprise Learning Management
    • Survey Results
  • Financials and Supply Chain Management

    Asset Management

    • Asset Acquisition by Category
    • Asset Cost by Acquisition Code
    • Asset Retirements by Category


    • Contracts Billing Analysis


    • Expenses Audit Risk Metric
    • Expenses Billable Analysis
    • Expenses by ChartField
    • Expenses Top Spenders
    • Expenses with Exceptions
    • Hours Billable Analysis
    • Preferred Vs Non-Preferred Mer

    Front Office

    • Near Term Branch Agenda
    • Overdue Branch Agenda

    General Ledger

    • Account Reconciliation
    • Ledger Balances Analysis


    • Funding Amount by Award Type

    In-Memory Real Time Bottom Line

    • Expenses by Department
    • Expenses by Scenario

    Order Management

    • Pricing Effectiveness


    • Discounts Lost/Taken
    • Invoice Amounts by Status
    • Liability Exposure by Supplier
    • Match Exceptions
    • Pay Cycle Summary Metric
    • Voucher Status


    • Budget Vs Actual Pivot
    • Budgets Not Finalized Pivot
    • Closed Proj with Assets Pivot
    • Financial Summary Pivot
    • Project Transactions Pivot


    • Overdue PO Analysis
    • PO Spend
    • PO Spend Analysis

    Real Estate Management

    • Minimum Lease Obligation Pivot

    Resource Management

    • Open Service Orders
    • Resource Distribution
    • Resources by Pool Distribution
    • Top 25 Requested Competencies
    • Top 25 Resources Competencies

    Supplier Registration

    • Federal Reporting
    • Product Categories
    • Registration Status


    • Asset Depreciation by Category
    • Bills by Status
    • Customer Aging
    • Incomplete Invoice Process
    • Invoice Analysis by Month
    • Items by Status
    • Monthly Invoice Analysis
    • Payments by Status
    • Posting Errors by Type
    • Procurement Contract Spend
    • Procurement Obligations
    • Procurement Spend Analysis
    • Top 10 Category Spend
    • Top 10 Non Contract Category
    • Top 10 Non Contract Item
    • Top Customer Balances