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Managing Auditing in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: April 2019

Audit Plugins

    Audit plugins specify how to handle the audit records in the audit queue. The audit plugins are specified by name: audit_binfile, audit_remote, and audit_syslog, as arguments to the auditconfig -setplugin command. The plugins can be further specified by the following attributes:

  • audit_binfile plugin

    p_dir attribute – Where to send binary data

    p_minfree attribute – Minimum space remaining on a disk before the administrator is warned.

    p_fsize attribute – Maximum size of an audit file.

  • audit_remote plugin

    p_hosts attribute– Remote authenticated audit server to which to send the binary audit data.

    p_retries attribute – Number of attempts to make to reach a remote authenticated audit server.

    p_timeout attribute – Number of seconds between attempts to reach a remote authenticated audit server.

  • audit_syslog plugin

    p_flags attribute – Selection of text summaries of audit records to be sent to syslog

  • For all plugins, the maximum number of audit records that are queued for the plugin ‐ qsize attribute

Refer to the audit_binfile(5), audit_remote(5), audit_syslog(5), and auditconfig(1M) man pages.