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Oracle® Solaris 64-bit Developer's Guide

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Updated: March 2019

6.12 Performance Issues

The following sections discuss advantages and disadvantages of 64-bit to application performance.

6.12.1 64-Bit Application Advantages

  • Arithmetic and logical operations on 64-bit quantities are more efficient.

  • Operations use full-register widths, the full-register set, and new instructions.

  • Parameter passing of 64-bit quantities is more efficient.

  • Parameter passing of small data structures and floating point quantities is more efficient.

  • Additional integer and floating point registers.

  • For amd64, PC-relative addressing modes for more efficient position-independent code.

6.12.2 64-Bit Application Disadvantages

  • 64-bit applications require more stack space to hold the larger registers.

  • Applications have a bigger cache footprint from larger pointers.

  • Address formation may take additional or larger instructions.