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Oracle® Solaris 64-bit Developer's Guide

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Updated: March 2019

3.1 Application Programming Interfaces

The 32-bit application programming interfaces (APIs) supported in the 64-bit operating environment are same as the APIs supported in the 32-bit operating environment. Thus, no changes are required for 32-bit applications between the 32-bit environment and 64-bit environment. However, recompiling as a 64-bit application can require cleanup. See the rules that are defined in Converting Applications for guidelines on how to clean up code for 64-bit applications.

In Oracle Solaris 11 the default 64-bit APIs are basically the UNIX 03 family of APIs. The specification of the APIs is written in terms of derived types. The 64-bit versions are obtained by expanding some of the derived types to 64-bit values. Correctly written applications that use these APIs are portable between the 32-bit environment and the 64-bit environment. For more information about supported standards in Oracle Solaris, see the standards(5) man page.