Using Potentials

Using the Potential module enables Sales Managers to define the potential revenue and room nights expected of a client during specific periods of time, and, if applicable, for specific destinations. For example, the potential of Company A is 500 nights in Europe, 1000 nights in the United States, 200 nights in Asia Pacific. To monitor sales, use Potentials as targets for comparison with the actual room nights and revenue generated from the client.

Potentials can be used as "templates" for actual Business Blocks when the client is ready to book. The advantage is that you already have a good idea of the requirements for this function and the client does not have to repeat their needs. Many of the fields in the Business Block screen will be "defaulted" to the information provided in the Potential. The Business Block can also be created "from scratch" by selecting the Business Blocks option from the main menu.

Linking Potentials to Accounts

Potentials are typically linked to companies or travel agents in order to define the potential business that this company or agent might provide to a specific hotel, to properties in a specific geographic area, or in general for the hotel chain. In some cases potentials would be linked to a corporate client as well as to a travel agent so that the business of the company that is being booked through that agent gets recorded separately from business that is booked for this company in other ways.

Using Potentials with Business Blocks

Here are some guidelines to observe when using Potentials with Business Blocks:

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