Account Main Tab

The Account screen displays basic account information on the main tab.

Address Information

Account. Three lines are provided to type in the whole trademark name, include any Hotel Naming Standard Conventions (Association = Assoc, Institute = Inst.).

Address. Select the arrow to define multiple address for this account with the ability to specify each address type, (i.e., business, home, or mailing). Four lines are provide to enter each address type, include any Hotel Address Standards (e.g., Line 1 = Street number and Street Name, Line 2 = Floor or Level, Line 3 = Suite, etc.).

City. This is a typing field. You may use upper and lower case.

Postal Code. Type in the Postal Code (Zip Code).

Extension. Enter an extension, if it applies.

Country. Choose one country from the pick box.

State. If the country has corresponding states they will appear here automatically. Choose from the pick box. A default appears based on the Zip code you entered.

Internal Information

Owner. Defaults to your User name. If you wish to attach an additional Sales Manager owner or change the primary ownership click on the ellipsis button. See Ownership for more information.

Territory. Select the geographical area or Sales Manager territory to which this Account belongs. This information will be useful for certain reports.

Trace Code. Select one trace code. The trace codes are pre-defined templates that will trigger certain activities depending the behavior of the record. The triggers are determined at the hotel level. These activities can be changed once created on your schedule.

Keyword. A comma- separated list of the keywords created for this Account. Keywords are often shortened forms of the account name that can be used to speed searching for the Account. You can apply the same keyword to several Accounts if you like. If you wish to add new keywords, edit existing keywords, or delete keywords, click on the ellipsis button.

Type. Select a category for this Account.

IATA.  If you have chosen the Account Type "Travel Agent", then the IATA field appears. If you know the IATA number, complete this field and follow the prompts.

A/R Number. Displays this profile's Account Receivable Number, if applicable. To enter an A/R number go to the More Fields tab on the Account screen.

Corporate ID. A user-definable numeric field. This is used most often to associate companies that are related, such as members of a chain.

Ref Currency. A pick box from which you may select the base currency for payments by this Account, if the hotel books in multiple currencies. This field is only shown if the Multi-currency feature is turned On.

Property. If the multi-property version is installed, select the property for this account. All profiles are available cross-property.

Active. When this box is checked it indicates this Account is active; un-check the box if this Account becomes inactive. An Account is made inactive to signify that the company is no longer working with you. (Turn an Account inactive rather than deleting it so that you will always have a record of the Account.) This indicator is useful for searching and filtering.

Note: If you make an Account inactive, don't forget to change attached Contacts to inactive as well.

Communications. A listing by type of all the contact numbers available for this Account (email address, web page address, main telephone number, fax telephone number, mobile or cell phone number, etc.). If you provide a web site URL, you can just double-click the address to open the site in your web browser.

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