End of Day Sequence Setup

The Configuration>Setup>End of Day Sequence menu handles the process of configuring the End of Day Routine procedures and reports, not the actual running of the End of Day Routine. OPERA's End of Day Routine is unique in that each procedure and report can be configured individually for each property. The End of Day Routine consists of a series of steps. Of the steps there is the sequence that processes procedures and reports during the End of Day Routine. You can print an unlimited number of reports. Furthermore, you can determine which procedures or reports are to be executed on which days. After you have selected the End of Day Sequence option, OPERA displays the current End of Day Mandatory Procedures will be run at every property during the End of Day Routine. All procedures are displayed but only the Optional Procedures are editable.

If a night audit is started within 6 hours or less of the last night audit for the same property, OPERA displays a warning message of how long since the last process was run and what the current business date is for the property.

If the Application Settings>End of Day>Income Audit (Activate the function to the close of business to take place at another time other than during the middle of the night. The roll of business date happens as normal, statistics and associated reports will not be produced until the audit has been completed.) function is set to Y, than there will be an additional tabs for Interim Procedures and Interim Reports.

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