Journal By Cashier and Transaction Code (finjrnlbytrans with CAS2.FMX)

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The Journal By Transaction Code Report displays each posted transaction code individually and the corresponding amount for a particular date. You have the ability to display the amount posted as Net or Gross. The ability to filter on a Room Class (based on parameter activation), Transaction Code, Room Number, or Cashier is also available. Each transaction code will display which cashier posted the transaction, any taxes that apply, and if any package credits exist for that particular code.

The balance of the finjrnlbytrans report will be equal to that of the finjrnlbytrans2 and findeptcodes reports for the corresponding date. Ensure when comparing that you are balancing the figures for “Gross” amount, as this is the only way to balance all three reports.

Selection Criteria

Date Range

From Date/To Date. Enter a date range that is equal to, or less than the Business Date and does not exceed the maximum of 35 days.


Room Class. Multi select LOV for filtering on specific room classes. Available when the General>Room Class application function is active.

Transaction Code. Multi-select LOV for filtering on specific configured transaction codes. Only include the selected transaction codes and their amounts. The list of values will not include the transaction code that has been set for the Cashiering>Deposit Ledger Trn Code application setting and other "internal" transaction codes. When the OPV<version_number> OPERA VOS license is active, internal codes 7070i (Owner Revenue Posting), 7080i (Travel Agent Commission), 9902i (Stored Value Redemption), 9908i (Reserve Credit), and 9909i (Owner Payment) will be displayed.

Note: The Cashiering>View Cash Transactions on Reports permission must be granted in order to select transaction codes configured for cash payment types.

Room. Multi select LOV for filtering on specific Room Numbers. Only include those transactions that are attached to the room number.

Cashier. Multi select LOV for filtering on specific Cashiers. Only include those transactions that were completed by the selected cashiers.

Negative Postings Only. Select to only display negative postings on the report.

Include Currency Exchange. Select to drive the inclusion of the foreign currency on the cash transaction code as defined in the Cashiering>Cash Trn Code application setting.

The following is an example to explain the functionality or this check box.

Let's say that the Cashiering>Cash Trn Code application setting is 9000 (Cash) and the Cashiering>Currency Exchange Paidout Trn Code is 7040 (Currency Exchange Paidout)

1. A currency exchange has been preformed. When this report is run, the amount associated to Trn Code 7040 always will show. If this check box is not selected, then the counter posting for the Cash Trn Code 9000 is not shown. But if the check box is selected, then the counter posting for the Cash Trn Code 9000 will be displayed.

2. A payment on Trn Code 9000 has been made in a foreign currency. When running this report and not selecting this check box will result in the counter posting on Trn Code 9000 to not be displayed. Select the check box to display the counter posting on Trn Code 9000.

3. An additional cash transaction code (9001) has been configured. When a payment has been posted to this additional transaction code (9001), no matter if the check box is selected or not, this transaction will always display because the transaction code is not defined in the Cashiering>Cash Trn Code application setting.

Rental Rooms Only. Available when the OPV_<version number> Opera Vacation Ownership license code is active, select the check box to only display Rental Rooms in the report output. When this check box is not selected, then both Owner Rooms and Rental Rooms will display in the report output.


Supp./Ref./CC Num. Select to display any information that is entered in the Supplement or Reference fields and the Credit Card Number on the report.

Revenue Net or Gross. Select if the revenue posted should display as Net (not including taxes) or Gross (inclusive of taxes).

Group By. Cashier, Transaction Code, Check No., Room No., Market Code.

Sort Order. Cashier, Check No., Chronological, Room No., Room Class, Transaction Code.

Function Buttons

Preview. Select to preview the report in a PDF format.

Print. Select to print the report.

File. Select to save the report as a file.

Close. Select to exit the specific report.

Report Output

Passer appears for Passerby transactions in the Room No. column. (Available when the Cashiering>Passerby application function is set to Y.) The room number appears in the Room No. column for transactions (including currency exchange) if the transaction is associated with an in-house guest.

Post It appears in the Name and Room No. columns for Post It transactions. (Available when the Cashiering>Post It application parameter is set to Y.)

AR appears in the Room No. column for accounts receivable transactions. (Available when the Cashiering>Accounts Receivables application function is set to Y.)

Date. Date the transaction took place in the short date format defined for this property.

Time. Time when the transaction occurred.

Room No. Room number that the transaction was debited/credited for.

Name. Name of the guest responsible for the transaction posting.

Trn. Code. Transaction code used for the posting.

Description. Description of the transaction code.

Check No. This field is auto-filled with a check number by the End of Day process if the End of Day>Auto Check Number application parameter is set to Y. It also shows the check number for transactions entered by a POS.

Currency. The currency code for the currency that was used for the transaction.

Debit. Amount of debit to the guest's account.

Credit. Amount of credit to the guest's account.

Cash ID. Cashier ID number of the cashier who posted this transaction.

User Name. User name of the person who was logged in that completed the posting.

Supplement/Reference/Credit Card No. Column displays any information that has been entered into the Supplement and Reference fields and if a credit card was used for the transaction, then the credit card number is displayed here also.

Exp. Date. Expiration date of the credit card used for the transaction.

Receipt No. Receipt number assigned to the transaction.