IFC8 and OPERA IFC Controller Messages When an Interface is Started or Stopped

Refer to the following table for information on the messages that are created when an interface is started or stopped.


IFC8 Status

OPERA IFC Controller Status

OPERA Status



Controller starts. It updates the status of all interfaces running on that machine to ‘STOPPED’.



IFC8 starts and sends a LinkEnd message to the controller.


Note: This is an internal status maintained by the controller.



IFC8 sends a LinkDescription message.

If the LinkDescription message from IFC8 is successful, then the internal status is updated to LinkEstablished. Otherwise, the status will remain LinkEnd.



IFC8 sends all of the schema messages.

The schema messages will only be processed if the internal status is LinkEstablished.



IFC8 sends a LinkAlive message.

If the internal status is LinkEstablished the controller will send a LinkAlivemessage  back to the interface.

If the Web Service is down for whatever reason, the controller will update the internal status to LinkAliveRequest.



IFC8 sends regular messages.

The internal controller status should be LinkAlive in order for the messages to be processed, otherwise the message will be rejected and the controller will send a LinkEnd to the interface.




Interface license code will expire in XX days.

Note: Use of an interface without a valid license code is allowed for a 30 day grace period. The interface will run successfully during the grace period only. A broadcast message will be set in OPERA at the startup of an interface if it does not have a valid license code to notify users that the license will expire in a set time.



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