Once the translation has been exported it can be imported through by selecting the Import button on the Translation main screen.

The Translation Import screen appears.


There are 2 Import options:

  1. Language Import – This would be used to import a new translation (other than the default English) into a schema. This option is used by the Regions to create Opera Country Shells.
  2. Version Upgrade. (Available when the property is in DEMO Config Mode.) – This option is used to import the complete set of English objects for a new Opera version or service pack . This import file is usually supplied to the Regions by the Opera Development group.

WARNING: The Version Upgrade import will delete the previous English translation objects and reinsert them from the script.

Note: The Read Me file should be read prior to any import.

Select the radio button that corresponds to the import you are performing.

Filename Location. Select the search button to open the File Upload screen. Navigate to the trn file that contains the translation you wish to import.

When you return to the Translation Import screen, select the Import button to complete the import.

Who Performs the Import?

Most of the time the Regions perform the import after they have translated English objects to various languages and are trying to implement this data at a site, chain, or corporate shell.

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