Lead/Booking History Screen

The Lead/Booking History Screen is used by SFA central or at a property to view lead or booking histories. This screen is accessed by selecting the Bus-Block button from the Leads screen, then selecting the Lead History button from the Business Block screen. Or you may select the Lead History button from the Business Block screen when the Business Block screen is reached from the Potential screen by selecting the Block button.

When lead/booking information is distributed to properties from the SFA central, the history is definable by the number of records to send (application setting SFA>Number of History Records to Send) and whether or not to also send revenue data (application parameter SFA>Send Revenue History set to Y).


Display Grid

The grid shows the following information for each booking:

X. Available in SFA central only. Select the lead records you wish to send to the properties. All records are chosen by default. (You may use the SFA>Number of History Records to Send to determine how many lead records are sent by default, starting with the most recent records. Defaulted records may be unmarked, or additional records may be marked by checking this column.

Region. Region associated with the booking.

City. City associated with the booking.

Property. Property which applies to this booking.

Start Date. Start date for the booking.

End Date. End date for the booking.

Orig. Number of original Room Nights.

Contr. Number of contracted Room Nights.

Actual. Number of actual Room Nights.

Rm Rev. Amount of picked up Room Revenue for the booking.

Avg. Rate. Average room rate for the booking.

F&B Revenue. Amount of F&B revenue for the booking.

Other Revenue. Other revenue for the booking.

Lst. Destination. For canceled or lost bookings, the destination (e.g., chain code) the business was lost to.

Lst. Property. For canceled or lost bookings, the name of the property or competitor brand business was lost to.

Note: When an email lead is sent with Lead History, the history data will now also contain the Lost To Destination and Lost To Property information.

Ev. A Y in this column indicates that an Event is also associated with the booking.

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