IFC Account

The IFC Account screen allows you to quickly access and manage a stored value accounts for an existing guest. You can access the IFC Account screen from the Reservation Options or Billing Options screens.

When a stored value interface (SVS, XML, DLS, MSC, or POS) is active and the IFC>Display Stored Value During Checkin application parameter is set to Y, the IFC Account screen appears as part of the normal Check In process.

The IFC Account screen appears.

IFC Account Screen is displayed when selecting the SV Redeem button on the Billing screen and paying with a gift card.


Understanding the IFC Account Screen

By default, the name of the guest on the reservation appears in the Name field. From this screen, you can create a new account, add value to an account, add additional guests to the account, and edit additional account details.


Name. The last name of the guest.

First Name. The first name of the guest.

SV Interface. Select the down arrow to choose the Stored Value Interface that is being used.

Stored Value. Select this check box to indicate whether this is a stored value (prepaid) account or not. If left unchecked, an RFID band will be created so this check box must be selected if not used in conjunction with RFID.

Note: If the account number entered is attached to a gift card, then this check box will automatically be selected.

Amount. The value of the account. If paying by a gift card, then this column is displayed after the Balance column and enter the amount to apply to the gift card.

Account Number. The account number.

Balance. Available when paying with a gift card from the Billing screen, after the account number has been entered and the column has been tabbed out of, this field will automatically be populated with the balance that is on the gift card.


Create. Add a new account.

Add. Add a value to an existing account, or add an additional name to the account.

Edit. Access the Stored Value Account Maintenance screen to edit additional account details.

OK. Save the information.

Note: When paying with a gift card in a cross-currency situation, upon selecting the OK button, the SVS Interface will verify that a currency conversion is needed and will perform the conversion at the time the gift card authorization is processing. After a successful SVS redemption and the conversion has completed, then a message will display notifying the user and guest of the amount redeemed, balance on card, card currency, and the conversion rate used.


The information displayed will also be saved with the transaction in order for it to be printed on the folio in the Reference field, along with the last 4 digits of gift card number.

Close. Close the form.

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