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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Release Notes

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Updated: May 2017

Documentation For This Release

The following documentation is available with this Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 release.

  • Oracle Developer Studio 12.5: Installation Guide. This document includes information for installing from a tar file, a graphical package installer, and a command-line package installer.

  • What’s New in the Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 Release. This document describes the new features of the Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 release.

  • Oracle Developer Studio 12.5: Overview. This document provides a general description about how to use the compilers and tools and how they work together.

  • Online help. The online help available through the Help menu in the IDE provides task-oriented information on using all of the components of the IDE. Online help for Performance Analyzer, Thread Analyzer, Code Analyzer, and dbxtool is available through the Help menu in each tool.

  • These online reference manual pages describe user commands, libraries that are supplied with the compilers, and other types of commands. Man pages contain reference information, including command syntax, usage, and related commands.

    Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 Man Pages. This document contains all the man pages for the Oracle Developer Studio12.5 release. You can also access these documents through the man command in the installed Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 software.

  • Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 manuals and tutorials. You can access these documents in HTML format or PDF format through the documentation library at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E60778_01/.