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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Release Notes

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Updated: May 2017

Features That Have Been Removed in This Release

The following features have been removed in the Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 software.

lock_lint Utility

The lock_lint utility to analyze locks in multithreaded programs is obsolete and has been removed. You should use Thread Analyzer.

OpenMP Related Environment Variables

The following environment variables have been deprecated:





For more information about the above environment variables, see Oracle Developer Studio 12.5: OpenMP API User’s Guide.

Compiler Options for Legacy SPARC-Based Systems

Support for legacy systems has been removed in this release. The systems include those based on the UltraSPARC I, II, IIe, III, IIIi, III+, IV, and IV+ processors.

Accordingly, the following options for the cc, CC, and f95 compiler commands are removed:

–xchip Option

The following –xchip option specifications are removed from this release:

-xchip={ultra,ultra2,ultra2i,ultra2e,ultra3, ultra3i,ultra3cu,ultra4,ultra4plus}

–xtarget Option

The following –xtarget option specifications are removed from this release:

-xtarget={ultra,ultra1/140,ultra1/170,ultra1/200, ultra2,ultra2/1170,ultra2/1200,ultra2/1300,ultra2/2170, ultra2/2200,ultra2/2300,ultra2e,ultra2i,ultra3,ultra3cu, ultra3i,ultra4,ultra4plus}

F95 Interfaces with Optional Arguments in Performance Library

The optional argument feature of the libsunperf F95 interfaces has been removed. F95 interfaces without optional arguments continue to be supported.

Legacy Fortran F77 Object Files

Support for object files created with the legacy F77 compiler and the –lf77compat linking option is discontinued in this release.

VMS Compatible Library libV77

The libV77 library formerly contained two routines that conflict with the Fortran 90 intrinsic routines and do not conform to the Y2K requirement for 4-digit year. They were provided as optional routines for VMS compatibility only and have been removed in this release.

Legacy Array Intrinsic Runtime Libraries for Fortran

The libraries libfmaxlai, libfmaxvai, libfminlai, libfminvai, libfprodai and libfsumai on SPARC platform have not been used by the Studio Fortran compilers since the Sun Studio 10 release in 2005.

These libraries are removed from linking in this release. Object files produced by Studio compilers earlier than the Sun Studio 10 release can no longer be used and must be recompiled with newer Studio compilers. Older executables compiled with Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 and earlier and have dependencies on these runtime libraries will continue to work. If you have old object files that require any of these libraries and recompiling is not feasible, you should keep the old compiler installation or copy the specific libraries you need from the old compiler installation into the new compiler installation.

collect -R Option

The collect -R option was formerly used to display a README file for the new features of the Performance Analyzer tools and is now removed.

Values amd64, generic64 Options

The x86 compiler and assembler(fbe) options –xarch=amd64 and –xarch=generic64 are deprecated. These options are replaced with the option –m64.

Automatic Tuning System Support

Automatic Tuning System (ATS) facility has been removed.