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What's New in the Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5 Release

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Updated: July 2016

Additional C++ Compiler Changes

The following lists the new and changed features in this release of version 5.14 specific to the C++ compiler.

The C++ compiler changes include the changes that are described in New and Changed Features Common to the Compilers.

For details, see the Oracle Developer Studio 12.5: C++ User’s Guide and the CC(1) man page.

  • Change in default compilation mode — The default compilation mode on Oracle Solaris is –compat=5 with –library=Cstd (C++03 mode with the Sun ABI and libCstd library). The default compilation mode on Linux is –std=c++03 (C++03 mode with the g++ ABI and runtime libraries).

  • Support for C++11 standard features:

    Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 C++ completes its support for C++11 with the addition of the following items:

  • New compiler options:

    • –pedantic — Emits warnings or errors for code that is accepted by default but does not conform to the C++ Standard.

    • –abiopt=[mangle5|mangle6] — Available only in –compat=5 mode. The default is mangle6, for correct name mangling. On Oracle Solaris SPARC and on Oracle Solaris x86 with the –m32 option, you can specify mangle5 for compatibility with possibly buggy name mangling of older compilers.

    • –xcheck=noreturn — Informs the compiler to add code to cause a runtime error if a routine which as been described as does_not_return returns.

    • –xatomic specifies which atomics support runtime library is linked.