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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Overview

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Updated: June 2016

Introduction to Oracle Developer Studio Software

Oracle Developer Studio consists of two suites of tools: a compiler suite and an analysis suite. The tools of each suite are designed to work together to provide an optimized development environment for the development of single, multithreaded, and distributed applications.

Oracle Developer Studio provides everything you need to develop C, C++, and Fortran applications to run in Oracle Solaris 10 or Oracle Solaris 11 on SPARC or x86 and x64 platforms, or in Oracle Linux on x86 and x64 platforms. The compilers and analysis tools are engineered to make your applications run optimally on Oracle Sun systems.

In particular, Oracle Developer Studio compilers and analysis tools are designed to leverage the capabilities of newer multicore CPUs including the SPARC T5, SPARC M5, SPARC M6, SPARC M10, SPARC M10+, and Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell processors as well as the older SPARC T4, SPARC T3, and the Intel® Xeon® and AMD Opteron processors. Oracle Developer Studio enables you to more easily create parallel and concurrent software applications for these platforms.

The components of Oracle Developer Studio include:

  • IDE for application development in a graphical environment. The Oracle Developer Studio IDE integrates several other Oracle Developer Studio tools.

  • C, C++, and Fortran compilers for compiling your code at the command line or through the IDE. The compilers are engineered to work well with the Oracle Developer Studio debugger (dbx), and include options for optimizing your code for specific processors.

  • Libraries to add advanced performance and multithreading capabilities to your applications.

  • Make utility (dmake) for building your code in distributed computing environments at the command line or through the IDE.

  • Debugger (dbx) for finding bugs in your code at the command line, or through the IDE, or through an independent graphical interface (dbxtool).

  • Code Analyzer tools for finding static code errors in your code during compilation, and memory access and code coverage errors during execution.

  • Performance Analyzer tools that employ Oracle Solaris technologies such as DTrace and can be used at the command line or through graphical interfaces to find trouble spots in your code that you cannot detect through debugging.

  • Thread Analyzer for examining multithreaded programs to detect programming errors that cause data races and deadlocks.

These tools together enable you to build, debug, and tune your applications for high performance on Oracle Solaris running on Oracle Sun systems. Each component is described in greater detail later in this document.