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Oracle® Developer Studio 12.5: Overview

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Updated: June 2016

C/C++/Fortran Libraries

Oracle Developer Studio compilers make use of the operating system's native libraries. The Oracle Solaris operating system provides many system libraries installed in /usr/lib, including the C runtime libc and several C++ runtime libraries. The intro(3) man page describes each library and refers to additional man pages for detailed information about each library. Type man intro.3 to view the page.

To link a /usr/lib system library, use the appropriate –l option with the compiler. For example, to link the libmalloc library, specify –lmalloc on the cc and CC command line at link time.

Runtime libraries for Fortran, C, and C++ are also provided with Oracle Developer Studio in addition to those provided in the operating systems. Some examples include the libsunmath and libmopt math libraries,

Fortran runtime libraries are provided with Oracle Developer Studio, not with the operating systems.

Fortran programs can also use the Oracle Solaris /usr/lib libraries that have a C interface. See the Fortran Programming Guide for information about the C-Fortran interface.

See the Linker and Libraries Guide in the Oracle Solaris documentation for more information about linking libraries.