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Oracle® Server X6-2 Installation Guide for Windows Server Operating Systems

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Updated: April 2016

Set Up the Boot Media for a Remote Installation

To install the OS from media sourced from a remote location using the Oracle ILOM Remote System Console Plus application, perform these steps.

  1. Mount or present the OS boot media so that it is accessible, for example:
    • For DVD-ROM, insert the media into the built-in or external DVD-ROM drive on a remote system.

    • For DVD-ROM ISO image, ensure that the ISO image(s) are readily available on a network shared location or are mounted on the server service processor (SP).

    For instructions on mounting an installation image onto the server SP, refer to the Oracle ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance at http://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs. Alternatively, refer to the More Details link in the Oracle ILOM Remote Control → Remote Device web interface page.

  2. Establish a web-based client connection to the server Oracle ILOM SP and launch the Oracle ILOM Remote System Console Plus application on the remote system.

    For more details, see Set Up the Remote Console.

  3. In the remote console, do the following:
    1. Click KVMS to display the KVMS drop-down menu.
    2. Click Storage.

      The Storage Devices dialog appears.

      image:Screen showing the KVMS Storage Devices                                         dialog.
    3. In the Storage Devices dialog, click Add.

      The Add Storage Device dialog appears.

      image:Graphic showing the Add Storage Device browse                                         directories dialog box.
    4. Browse to the ISO image, select it, and then click Select.

      The Storage Devices screen appears and lists the ISO image.

    5. Select the ISO image and then click Connect.

      The ISO image is mounted to the remote console and can be used to perform the OS installation.