4.2 Manually Creating a Ticket

Perform the following steps to manually create a ticket:

  1. From the Enterprise menu, select Monitoring, then select Incident Manager.

    The Incident Manager page appears, showing all open incidents (Figure 4-7):

    Figure 4-7 Incident Manager: All Open Incidents

    Incident Manager: All Open Incidents screen shot example.

  2. Select an incident for which you would like to create a ServiceNow ticket.
  3. In the Tracking section, click More, then select Create Ticket (Figure 4-8):

    Figure 4-8 Create Ticket

    Create Ticket screen shot example.

  4. In the Create Ticket pop-up window, select the ServiceNow Ticketing Connector and a ticket template from the Template Name drop-down menu, then click OK.

    Figure 4-9 Create Ticket Pop-up Window

    Create Ticket pop-up window example.


If you do not see the desired template, you can add one using the emctl register_template connector command. See Creating a New Custom Template for details.