Purchase Order Receipts

Topics in this part: The following topics describe the functions available when using receiving merchandise from your vendors.

Purchase Order Receiving Overview describes the options available when receiving purchase orders, explains how the system determines the cost of an item and how the Suggest Warehouse Placement function works, and shows you how to locate the function.

Working with P/O In Transit Information (MPIT) shows you how to quickly update a purchase order with shipping information.

Selecting Purchase Orders for Receipt (PORC) shows you how to enter the purchase order number you want to post receipts against, and how to scan for open purchase orders.

Receiving Purchase Orders (PORC) describes the various methods of posting receipts to a purchase order, shows you how to post receipts using each of the available methods, and describes each of the options available in PO receipts.

Placing Suspended Stock (SUSP) shows you how to transfer merchandise from suspense to inventory.

Printing the Receipt Cost Summary Report (PRCS)

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