Sales Rep Update Errors Report

Important: This report is not currently implemented. When you generate this report, the system prints a generic document with the following information:

The requested document is not currently implemented: SALES_REP_UPDATE_ERROR

Purpose: This report lists any records in a Salesman Associate File that contain errors. You can use this report to determine which salesman associate upload records you need to correct and reprocess.

Note: Each salesman associate upload record in an error status is associated with only one error (the first error the system finds for the record). Once you correct the error and resubmit the Salesman Associate Upload Process, the system validates the record for additional errors.

This report sorts in salesman number sequence.

How to print: Submit the SLSUPLD Upload Salesman Associates Periodic Function to perform the Salesman Associate Upload Process.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


Rep #: The Associate ID in the Salesman Associate file.

Name: The Associate Name in the Salesman Associate file.

Active: The Associate Status in the Salesman Associate file.

Home Store: The Home Store in the Salesman Associate file.

Email Address: The Associate Email in the Salesman Associate file.

Error Description: The reason why the salesman associate record did not create or update a record in the Salesman table. Possible reasons:

- Rep # not numeric: The Associate ID must be a number.

- Rep # is required: The Associate ID must contain a value.

- Name is required: The Associate Name must contain a value.

- Active flag is required: The Associate Status must contain a value.

- Invalid active flag: The Associate Status must be Y or N.

- Invalid email address: The Associate Email must have an @ sign and a period (.) and have some text before the @ sign, between the @ sign and the period, and after the period. For example: SALESMAN@EXAMPLE.COM.

- Invalid store #: The Home Store must exist in the Store Cross Reference table.

- Rep # failed Mod 10: The Associate ID failed the modulus 10 check. The system performs a modulus 10 check against the salesman number if the Modulus 10 Check on Salesrep Number (E88) system control value is selected.

WSLSr OROMS 17.0 2018 OTN