Chapter 45: Introducing Sets

Purpose: There are four types of sets or kits:

Sets are a group of items which are assembled when the set is picked and packed. Sets can be made up of items which are sold individually. You can flag a master set item and/or its component items as drop ship.

See Chapter 46: Entering Set Information (WSET).

Variable sets are lists of items that customers can choose from to make up the set they want to purchase. Like sets, variable sets are assembled when the set variable is picked and packed. The items which make up the variable set might not appear on the same pick slip, but the pick slips are generated at the same time.

See Chapter 47: Entering Variable Set Information (WVST).

Continuity sets are used when a customer places an order for a series of items to be delivered at regular intervals. Intervals can be days or months.

See Chapter 48: Entering Continuity Set Information (WCNT).

Finished goods are items that require assembly prior to picking and packing. A finished good is made up of one or more components. These components are assembled to build the finished good. The finished good is picked and packed, not the individual components. The system tracks the usage of each component and will recommend re-order quantities. The system also forecasts demand for the finished good item and recommends the number of finished goods to be made up to meet demand.

See Chapter 49: Entering Finished Goods Information (WFGD).

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