Part B: Performing Inventory Transactions

Chapters in this part: This part describes how to perform inventory transactions.

Chapter 12: Working with Inventory Transactions in Batch Mode (WITB) describes batch processing and tells how to create, hold, delete, release, approve, print, and process batches in line screen entry, full screen entry, or horizontal entry modes.

Chapter 13: Working with Inventory Transactions in Immediate Mode (WITI) tells you how to perform transactions which change inventory immediately.

Chapter 14: Working with Inventory Transaction Errors (WITE) allows you to review all of the errors that have occurred while performing inventory transactions.

Finished Good Work Order Processing (WWOR) allows you to reserve component items while you assemble a finished good.

Chapter 15: Working with the Retail Point of Sale Interface describes how to transfer inventory information from CWDirect to Cam Data's retail point of sale system.

Chapter 16: Working with Price Tickets (WPTW) explains how to generate and print price tickets for retail store orders.

Chapter 17: Working with Automated Inventory Transactions (WAIT) describes automated inventory transaction processing.

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