Part K: Radio Frequency

Chapters in this part: The following chapters describe the process, setup requirements, and functions available for radio frequency inventory management, including the menus and screens you use on the radio frequency gun.

Chapter 66: Radio Frequency Overview describes how you can use radio frequency in your inventory receiving, putaway, transfers, backorder fulfillment and warehouse management.

Chapter 67: Radio Frequency Setup describes how you should set up your system so that you can use radio frequency.

Chapter 68: Radio Frequency Transactions (RFMN) describes the transactions available for inventory receiving, replenishment, transfers, and returns on the radio frequency gun.

Chapter 69: Radio Frequency Inquiry and Maintenance (RFMN) describes the screens available on the radio frequency gun for license plate number creation, adjustment, inquiry, and printing, and item location assignment and changes.

Chapter 70: Displaying License Plate Information (WLPN) describes the screens available in CWDirect to review the license plate numbers in your warehouse that you use for radio frequency inventory management.

Chapter 71: Printing the Item Location Reconciliation Report (PILR) describes the report that lists any discrepancies between the on-hand quantity of an item in a location and the quantity assigned to a license plate number in the location.

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