Chapter 71: Printing the Item Location Reconciliation Report (PILR)

Purpose: The Item Location/LPN Discrepancy Report lists items in your warehouses whose item/location quantity do not equal the total quantity assigned to LPNs. This report includes non-primary locations only, since the system deletes an LPN when you place it in a primary location.

How to print: Enter PILR in the Fast path field at the top of any menu or select Item Location Reconciliation Report from a menu.

A discrepancy between item/location and LPN quantity can occur when you:

• perform an inventory transfer, adjustment, or "make set" transaction through Performing Inventory Transactions

• create an LPN and set the Update inventory? flag to N

• build an LPN

• adjust an LPN quantity and set the Update inventory? flag to N

• pick out of a non-primary location

Normally, the system updates LPN records as a result of standard CWDirect transactions only when you receive a purchase order. Similarly, you have the ability in the RF to work with LPN quantities without updating your actual inventory levels. Depending on how you use CWDirect and RF to run your business, you may find it useful to run this report to track down incidents where your LPN records are out of synch with standard CWDirect inventory.

How to correct errors: Your options in correcting inventory/LPN discrepancies include:

• Use Displaying License Plate Information (WLPN) to delete LPNs for which there is no actual inventory in the location

• Use Adjust LPN on the RF menus to adjust the LPN unit quantity if the LPN quantity is inaccurate

• Use Work with Inventory Transactions to adjust the on-hand quantity for the item in the location, if this quantity is inaccurate and the LPN quantity is correct (see Part B: Performing Inventory Transactions)

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