2.7 Changes and Improvements in Release 2.0.3

Oracle PCA Release 2.0.3 is an errata release. This section describes functional changes, improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous release.

Support for the X5-2 Base Rack

The term base rack refers to the minimum orderable Oracle PCA configuration, as described in Section 1.2, “Components”. Oracle PCA Release 2.0.3 software adds provisioning and orchestration support for Oracle Server X5-2 management nodes and compute nodes, which are installed in the X5-2 base rack at the factory. The Oracle Server X5-2 offers practically the same functionality and performance as its predecessors, but with more up-to-date internal components.


In Oracle PCA base racks that are factory-installed with Oracle PCA Release 2.0.3 software, provisioning functionality is locked by default. You must download and install Oracle PCA Release 2.0.4 software to remove the lock and initialize the provisioning process.

Optional Fibre Channel Connectivity

The X5-2 base rack with Oracle PCA Release 2.0.3 software marks the first configuration that can be ordered with or without fibre channel I/O modules. If you order an Oracle PCA without fibre channel connectivity, slots 3 and 12 of the Fabric Interconnects will be empty. As a consequence, Software Clouds and vHBAs, which are normally associated with the appliance fibre channel connectivity, are not created during the provisioning of the rack components.


If you chose to omit fibre channel from your original Oracle PCA configuration, and you purchase and install the fibre channel I/O modules at a later time, an upgrade of the controller software to Release 2.1.1 is required. Previous releases of the software do not allow you to configure the Software Clouds and vHBAs in an already provisioned appliance.

New Operating System and Kernel

With Release 2.0.3 of the Oracle PCA software the management node operating system is upgraded to Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 6 with a new UEK R2-400 kernel.

Bugs Fixed in Release 2.0.3

No critical field fixes have been identified for Release 2.0.3 of the Oracle PCA software.