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Oracle® Server X8-2L Security Guide

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Updated: April 2019

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and auditing refer to maintaining a record of a user's activity on the system. Oracle servers have software and hardware features that allow administrators to monitor login activity and to maintain hardware inventories.

  • Use system logs to monitor user logins. Monitor system administrator and service accounts in particular because those accounts have access to commands that if used incorrectly could cause harm to the system or incur data loss. Access and commands should be carefully monitored through system logs.

  • Record the serial numbers of all your hardware. Use component serial numbers to track system assets. Oracle serial numbers are electronically recorded on cards, modules, and motherboards, and can be used for inventory purposes.

  • To detect and track components, provide a security mark on all significant computer hardware components. Use special ultraviolet pens or embossed labels.

  • Keep physical copies of hardware activation keys and licenses in a secure location that is easily accessible to the system administrator, especially during system emergencies. Printed documents might be your only proof of ownership.