Oracle FLEXCUBE Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management

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Function ID Screen Name
Function ID Screen Name
AEDECGRUEnd of Cycle Groups
AEDSTARTEnd Of Cycle Operations
AEDSTOPEnd of Cycle
Function ID Screen Name
BADEODFEBatch EOD Function Inputs
Function ID Screen Name
CFDFLTRILD MM Floating Rate Input
CFDFRTCDRate Code Definition
CFSFRTCDRate Code Definition Summary
CLRUClear User Profile
CODDYNCLDynamic Package - DML Execution
CODSORCEUpload Source Maintenance
CODUPLDMUpload Source Preferences Maintenance
COSADMNTAlert Definition Summary
CYDCDEFECurrency Definition
CYDCRATYCurrency Rate Type Maintenance
CYDCRATYRate Code Definition Summary
CYDPOSGLRate Code Definition Summary
CYSCCYPRCurrency Pair Summary
CYSCDEFECurrency Summary
Function ID Screen Name
EIDMANPEMandatory Batch Program Maintenance
EIDUEOTIEnd of Cycle Operations
ELRFXCLForeign Exchange Clean Risk Report
ELRPCLBKBank wide Clean Risk Tracking Report
ELRPCLMTCredit lines by maturity dates
ELRPCNEXCountry exposure report
ELRPCOLTAlert Definition Summary
ELRPCOULAlert Definition Summary
ELRPCOUTCollateral Utilization of credit lines
ELRPCRMOCredit movements report
ELRPCUTICountry Utilization Report
ELRPEXCEException Report
ELRPEXPExposure Details
ELRPISEXIssuer Exposure report by collateral type
ELRPISURIssuer Details Report
ELRPLBLiability Summary Report
ELRPLIABCredit Ratings Report
ELRPLIMTLimit details
ELRPLNLine Details Report
ELRPMLLine Summary Report
ELRPNRLNMovements to non-revolving lines
ELRPOLNKPool Linkage Report
ELRPOLUTPool utilization report
ELRPOVLNOverdrawn Lines
ELRPPREXProduct Exposure Report
ELRPSECMSecurities Details
ELRPTNLimits - Tenorwise Details Report
ELRPUAUtilizations Report
ELRPUSEXIssuer exposure report by security
ELRPUTLimit Tenor Restriction Details Report
ELRPUTLDDate wise Utilizations
ELSGLOUTGlobal Utilization Exception Summary
Function ID Screen Name
GCDADREVAd hoc Revaluation
GCDCHGTYCharge Type Maintenance
GCDCOLCACollateral Category Maintenance
GCDCOLLGGuarantee Details
GCDCOLLILife Insurance Details
GCDCOLLLPrecious Metal Details
GCDCOLLMMiscellaneous Details
GCDCOLLPProperty Details
GCDCOLLSMarketable Securities Details
GCDCOLLTCollaterals Maintenance
GCDCOLLVVehicle Details
GCDCOLLYPlant & Machinery Details
GCDCOLTYCollateral Types Maintenance
GCDCOVTRCollateral Covenant Tracking Details
GCDINSCOInsurance Company Details
GCDINSTYInsurance Type Details
GCDMPOOLCollateral Pools Maintenance
GCDSECMTSector - Industry Maintenance
GCSCOVTRCollateral Covenant Tracking Summary
GCSINSCOInsurance Company Details Summary
GCSINSTYInsurance Type Details Summary
GCSISSURIssuer Maintenance
GCSQCCNVCollateral Covenants Query
GEDACCNTAccount Balance For Netting
GEDACMNTCriteria Code Maintenance
GEDAMTAGAmount Tag Maintenance
GEDBLOCKEAR Marking Maintenance
GEDCATGYCategory Maintenance
GEDCLSMTFee & Accounting Class Maintenance
GEDCOVNTCovenant maintenance
GEDCOVTRFacility Covenant Tracking Details
GEDCREDTCredit Rating Agency Maintenance
GEDCRSCRCredit Score Maintenance
GEDCULIKCustomer to liability link Maintenance
GEDDAUTHMulti Authorization Maintenance
GEDEXDBDExposure Dashboard
GEDEXMNTExternal Maintenance System
GEDEXPANExposure Analysis
GEDEXPBLGlobal Exposure Block Maintenance
GEDEXPTYExposure Type Maintenance
GEDFACLTFacilities Maintenance
GEDFACHTFacility View Summary
GEDFCFPTManual Fee Payment
GEDFEVNTFacility Event Details
GEDFMLCGFacility Main Line Change Maintenance
GEDGROUPGroup Maintenance
GEDHCUTTHaircut Maintenance
GEDHSTMNHost Parameter
GEDINSTYInsurance Type Details
GEDLMPRSRule Criteria Code Maintenance
GEDLNCODLine Code Maintenance
GEDLOCCDLocation Maintenance
GEDMLIABLiability Maintenance
GEDOVDACOverride Action
GEDPARAMGlobal Exposure Parameter Detail
GEDPRODProduct Maintenance
GEDQUEMNException Queue Maintenance
GEDQVLLNQuery Valid Lines
GEDRESTYRestriction Maintenance
GEDRULESFee Rule Maintenance
GEDSKTOPCredit Desktop
GEDSKTOPCredit Desktop
GEDTAUTHException Queue Slab Maintenanace
GEDTREXPTrack Exposure Maintenance
GEDTYPESStatic Type Maintenance
GEDUDFNSUser Defined Status Maintenance
GEDUSRESUser Restriction Maintenance
GEDUTILSLimit utilisation
GESACMNTCriteria Code Summary
GESCOVTRFacility Covenant Tracking Summary
GESEMQUEApproval By Email Status
GESFACLTFacilities Summary
GESFEEVWFacility Fee Summary
GESFRTRYFacilities Fees Retry
GESGLOUTGlobal Utilization Exception Summary
GESLMPRSRule Code Criteria Summary
GESLMRVWViewing Alerts
GESMRGTRLiability Merger Process
GCSPFLOGCollateral Perfection Log Summary
GESQEXPDExposure Query
GESQFCNVFacility Covenants Query
GESQHLIALiability History Query
GESQLIABLiability Query
GESQSLIAUtilization Transaction Query
GESUSRESUser Restriction Summary
GIDFILOGView Error Details
GIDIFPRSInterface Trigger
GIDIFTDFInterface Definition
GIDTRANSTranslation Definition
GISIFTDFInterface Definition Summary
GISTRANSTranslation Summary
GLDCLSMTMIS Class Maintenance
GWDAMDMTGateway Amendment Maintenance
GWDETFUNExternal System Functions
GWDETSYSExternal System Maintenance
GWDINBRWIncoming Message Browser
GWDOTBRWOutgoing Message Browser
GWSEXFUNExternal System Functions - Summary
GWSEXSYSExternal System - Summary
GWSINBRWIncoming Message Browser - Summary
GWSOTBRWOutcoming Message Browser - Summary
Function ID Screen Name
IFDINPRMIntegration Parameters Maintenance
IFDNOTIFGateway Notification Maintenance
ISDBKDPLBank Directory Plus Maintenance
ISDESBANIBAN Information Maintenance
ISDIBNPLIBAN Plus Maintenance
ISSBKDPLBank Directory Plus Maintenance
ISSESBANIBAN Information Summary
ISSIBNPLIBAN Plus Maintenance
ITDINTRNConversation Input
ITSALEDBLimit Review Alerts on Dashboard
ITSINTRNConversations Summary
Function ID Screen Name
MIDGRPMTMIS Group Maintenance
MIDXCODEMIS Cost Code Maintenance
MIDXPOLDMIS Pool Code Maintenance
MSDBLKMNBulk Monitor
MSDBLKRLBulking Preference Definition
MSDCNMGRConnectivity Operation Manager
MSDDEBRLDebulk Rule Definition
MSDDSTNMDistinguished Name Definition
MSDFLBRWOutbound File Browser Details
MSDFTACNFile Transfer Adapter Connector Configuration
MSDMEDMTMedia Maintenance
MSDMGMCSMessage Media Control Maintenance
MSDPTPRMProtocol Parameter Definition
MSDQMAPMessage Queue Mapping Maintenance
MSDQMNTMessage Queue Maintenance
MSDRLDFNRouting Rule Definition
MSDRLGRPRule Group Definition
MSDRLMAPRule Group Mapping
MSDSWTSRSWIFTNet Service Definition
MSSBLKMNBulk Monitor
MSSBLKRLBulking Preference Definition Summary
MSSDEBRLDebulk Rule Summary
MSSDSTNMDistinguished Name Summary
MSSFLBRWOutbound File Browser
MSSFTACNFile Transfer Connector Configuration Summary
MSSIFBRWInbound File Browser
MSSNOTIBSWIFT Message Notification Browser
MSSPTPRMProtocol Parameter Definition Summary
MSSRLDFNRule Definition Summary
MSSRLGRPRule Group Summary
MSSRLMAPRule Group Mapping Summary
MSSSWTSRSWIFTNet Service Summary
Function ID Screen Name
ORCCOLPFCollateral Preferences
ORDALRTMAlerts Maintenance
ORDBSZMTBalance sheet size Maintenance
ORDCATMTApplication Category Maintenance
ORDCBRMTBureau Maintenance Details
ORDCEDMCustomer Economic Dependency Details
ORDCOAPRCollateral Creation Approval
ORDCOCAGCollateral Creation Customer Agreement
ORDCOEXCCollateral Creation External Check
ORDCOFIGCollateral Creation Field Investigation
ORDCOINPCollateral Creation
ORDCOLGOCollateral Creation Legal Opinion
ORDCOPERCollateral Creation Collateral Perfection
ORDCOREVCollateral Creation Review
ORDCORSKCollateral Creation Risk Evaluation
ORDCOTEMCollateral Creation Template
ORDCOVALCollateral Creation Valuation
ORDCTRMTCovenant process Initiation Maintenance
ORDDOCMTDocument verify Maintenance
ORDDSHMTOrigination Dashboard Maintenance
ORDDSHMTOrigination Dashboard Maintenance
ORDDSHMTOrigination Dashboard Maintenance
ORDDSHRLOrigination Dashboard Role Maintenance
ORDDSHRLOrigination Dashboard Role Maintenance
ORDEDEPMEntity Dependency Details
ORDENTYMEntity Code Maintenance
ORDEXLMDExcel Upload Modify Screen
ORDEXLMDExcel Upload Modify Screen
ORDEXLUPDocument Upload Maintenance
ORDFIAMTField Investigation Maintenance
ORDLPAPP/ORDLPAP1Credit Appraisal Application Entry
ORDLPCIN/ORDLPCAPFacility Closure Initiation
ORDLRWINLimit Review Initiation
ORDLRWINLimit Review Initiation
ORDOVDMTOverride Maintenance
ORDRATBMRatio Benchmark Maintenance
ORDRATBMRatio Benchmark Maintenance
ORDRATMTCredit Ratio Maintenance
ORDRATMTCredit Ratio Maintenance
ORDRULMTRule Details
ORDRULMTRule Details
ORDTEMDFRatio Template Definition
ORDUSRPFUser Preference for Alerts
ORRECODPCustomer Economic Dependency Report
ORSBSZMTBalance Sheet Size Maintenance Summary
ORSBSZMTBalance Sheet Size Maintenance Summary
ORSCATMTCategory Details
ORSCBRMTCredit Bureau Details
ORSDOCMTDocument Details
ORSEXLMDExcel Upload Modify Screen Summary
ORSEXLMDExcel Upload Modify Screen Summary
ORSEXLUPDocument Upload Summary
ORSEXLUPDocument Upload Summary
ORSFIAMTField Investigation Summary
ORSOVDMTOverride Maintenance
ORSRATBMRatio Benchmark Summary
ORSRATBMRatio Benchmark Summary
ORSRATMTCredit Ratio Maintenance
ORSRULMTRule Maintenance
Function ID Screen Name
RPDRPRAMReporting Parameters Maintenance
Function ID Screen Name
SMDBANKPSMS Banks Parameters
SMDBNKRTBank Restriction
SMDBRRESBranch Restrictions
SMDCHNTLChange Time Level
SMDCHPWDUser Credentials Change
SMDDPTMTDepartment Maintenance
SMDENTDTEntity Maintenance
SMDFNDSCFunction Description Maintenance
SMDHOTKYHot Keys Maintenance
SMDLNDPGLanding Page Configuration
SMDLNGCELanguage Code Maintenance
SMDMASKDMasking Maintenance
SMDPIFRTForget Customer PII Maintenance
SMDPRCDEProcess Definition
SMDPRCDEProcess Definition
SMDQUEMTQueue Maintenance
SMDROLDFRole Maintenance
SMDSOPRMSingle Sign On Maintenance
SMDUSHOLUser Holiday Maintenance
SMDUSRDFUser Maintenance
SMDUSRDFUser Maintenance
SMRBASTABatch Performance Statistics
SMRCONTLChange Control Log Report
SMRNWUSRNew User Created Report
SMRROLPRRole Profile
SMRSUMRYUser Role Summary
SMSMFALMEntity Maintenance
SMSTXNSTTransaction Status Control Maintenance
SMSUSHOLUsers Holiday
SMSUSRACUser Activity
SSDROLDFRole Definition
SSDUSRDFUser Creation
SSRCONTLUser Change Control Log
SSRPINSTSecuity Maintenance Inactive Users Report
SSRUSLOGUser Log Details Log
SSRUSRDSDisabled Users System Violation Log
STDACGRPAccess Group Maintenance
STDAMTMNAmount Text Maintenance
STDCCHOLCurrency Holiday Calendar Maintenance
STDCIFCRExternal Customer Input
STDCNMNTCountry Code Maintenance
STDCRACCExternal Customer Account Input
STDCRBNKBank Core Parameters Maintenance
STDCRBRNBranch Core Parameters Maintenance
STDCRCLNExternal Consumer Loan Account Input
STDCRCOLExternal Collateral Maintenance
STDCRFACExternal Facilities Maintenance
STDCRGLMExternal Chart of Accounts
STDCRLIBExternal Liability Maintenance
STDCRLIKExternal liability linkage Maintenance
STDCRMCAExternal Multi Currency Account Mapping
STDCRPOLExternal Collateral Pools Maintenance
STDCRTRNExternal Transaction Code Maintenance
STDCSFRTForget Customer Process
STDCSFRTForget Customer Process
STDCSFRTForget Customer Process
STDCUBALCustomer Account Balance View
STDDATESSystem Dates Maintenance
STDECAMTExternal Credit Approval System
STDGWINTGateway Maintenance
STDJOBMTJob Maintenance
STDOFAMNReplay Monitor
STDOFARMRecording Monitor
STDOFARNRun Chart Maintenance
STDOFENVEnvironment Code Maintenance
STDOFEXPTest Bed Maintenance
STDOFMTRExport\Import Monitor
STDOFSCHSchedule Export Maintenance
STDOFTYPOFTW Type Maintenance
STSCIFCRCustomer Summary
STSHSTCDHost Code Maintenance Summary
STSOFARNRun Chart Summary
STSOFARPReplay Summary
STSVWPENPending Maintenances
SVDIMGVWCustomer Signature and Image View
Function ID Screen Name
UDDFFLMTUser Defined Fields Function Field Mapping Maintenance
UDDUDFMTUser Defined Fields Maintenance