Order Inquiry

In this part: Order inquiry spans the breadth of the system's functions, giving you access to customer, order, line, and item summary and detail information. This part presents the screens you use to review this information.

Using the Order Inquiry Scan Screens (OIOM) shows you how to find an order based on the information available to you.

Reviewing the Order Inquiry Header Screen presents the Order Inquiry screen, which contains information about the customer, such as name, address, phone number and source code.

Reviewing Order Inquiry Detail Information presents the Order Inquiry screen containing information on the items the customer has ordered.

Reviewing Order Details presents the screens you use to review detail related to a specific item on an order.

Options Available in Order Inquiry presents a table of the functions available from the Order Inquiry Header or Detail screens, and refers you to topics containing more information on the use of these functions.

Reviewing Financial Information on an Order presents screens that display information pertaining to charges and credits, such as invoices, refunds, and order totals. The topic also includes a discussion of order payment methods.

Reviewing Order-Level Properties explains how to review order properties.

Display Order Line History Screen explains how to review all activity performed on a particular item on an order.

Display Order History Screen explains how to review all activity performed on an entire order.

Generic Order Transaction History API explains how to create order transaction history from an external system.

Display Invoice Cross Reference (DICR) explains how to select an order for review based on an invoice number assigned by an external system.

Display Package Information Screen describes the screen that lists all tracking numbers associated with shipments for the order and provides live links to shipment tracking pages when available.

Streamlined Order Inquiry (DORI) describes a consolidated order inquiry option with simplified search options.

Customer Engagement Purchase History Integration presents the Display Purchase History screen, which contains a customer’s completed sales and return transactions across multiple channels, such as retail, call center, and e-commerce. This purchase history information is from Oracle Retail Customer Engagement.

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