PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Implementation

This section provides information to consider before you begin to use PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.

Implementation of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler can be categorized into the following activities:

  • Configure Process Scheduler general settings.

  • Configure process security.

  • Set server definitions.

  • Configure jobs and jobsets.

Configuring Process Scheduler General Settings

To maintain a single-row table that stores system-wide parameters and system defaults, you perform the following steps:



1. Define system settings.

See Defining System Settings.

2. Define process type definitions.

See Defining Process Type Definitions.

3. Define process definitions.

See Defining Process Definitions.

4. Define recurrence definition.

See Defining Recurrence Definitions.

Configuring Process Security

To secure access to the processes, you perform the following steps:



1. Configure permission lists, roles, and user profiles.

See Security Basics.

2. Set up Process Scheduler privileges and profiles.

See Setting Up PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Privileges and Profiles

3. Grant PeopleSoft Process Scheduler system administration role.

See Granting a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler System Administration Role.

Setting Server Definitions

To set up server definitions, you perform the following steps:



1. Create server definitions.

See Creating Server Definitions.

2. Define report nodes.

See Defining Report Nodes.

3. Define daemon groups.

See Defining Daemon Groups.

4. Define batch timings.

See Defining Batch Timings.

Configuring Jobs and JobSets

To run several processes in one batch, you perform the following steps to define jobs and jobsets:



1. Create job definitions.

See Creating Job Definitions.

2. Define scheduled jobsets.

See Defining Scheduled JobSets.

Other Sources of Information

In addition to implementation considerations presented in PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Implementation, take advantage of all PeopleSoft sources of information, including the installation guides, release notes, and PeopleBooks.