Using Flags in the Add-In for Outlook

This section describes how to use flags in the add-in for Outlook:

What are flags?

Flags (formerly follow-ups) provide a way to bring someone's attention to a message in a Conversation or on a wall. When you assign flags, the people you assign them to are flagged in the application, and, depending on their notifications settings, receive an email (see How do I set my add-in for Outlook notification options?).

When you flag someone, you also select a priority level. Flag priority levels let the people you assign flags to know whether or not the flag is urgent. There are three levels of priority:

  • For Your Information—Least urgent. Asks recipients to look at the item when they have time.

  • Please Reply—Moderately urgent. Asks recipients to post a reply to the item.

  • Please Reply - Urgent—Asks recipients to look at the item now and reply immediately. An email notification is sent automatically to anyone assigned a Please Reply - Urgent flag.

For an explanation of all the flag icons, see Table 8-1

To make sure flags send the message look at this now! use them thoughtfully. A flood of flag notifications all at once or all the time can reduce their impact.

How can I see all flags assigned to me or by me?

  1. On the navigation bar, click Flags icon.
  2. Click Options menu icon on the Flags banner, and select to show:
    • Flags for You

    • Flags You Assigned

    Select the type of flags to show:

    • All flags

    • Flags of a selected type: Please Reply - Urgent, Please Reply, or For Your Information

    Select Flagged By then a name.

    Select Sort, then:

    • Ascending, to show flagged items from 0 to 9 then A to Z

    • Descending to show flagged items from Z to A then 9 to 0

How do I assign or clear flags?

  1. Go to a message you want to flag, click Flag icon.
  2. Assign or clear flags:
    • To remove a flag assigned to you, click Clear flag button.

    • To quickly assign a For Your Information flag to someone, click the flag next to the person.

    • To assign a particular flag to someone, select the type of flag in the drop-down list next to the person.

    • To quickly flag everyone, click Flag All (in the Others Not Flagged section), and select the type of flag you want to assign.

    • To quickly remove all flags (whether assigned by you or not), click Clear All (in the Others Flagged section).

    • To remove a particular flag, click Clear flag button next to the person.

    • To search for someone, enter part of the person's name in the search box.