Changes in This Release

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Changes in Oracle Application Express Release 5.1

The following are changes in Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide for Oracle Application Express release 5.1.


New Features

The following features are new in this release:

  • Interactive Grid

    Interactive grid presents end users with a set of data in a searchable, customizable report. From a functional perspective, an interactive grid includes the customizations capabilities available in interactive reports plus the ability to rearrange the report interactively using the mouse. In an editable interactive grid, users can also add to, modify, and refresh the data set directly on the page.

    Key features include:

    • Full Featured Grid - Includes powerful reporting capabilities, including fixed headers, frozen columns, scroll pagination, multiple filters, sorting, aggregates, and computations. Includes powerful reporting capabilities, including fixed headers, frozen columns, scroll pagination, multiple filters, sorting, aggregates, and computations.

    • Extensible and Customizable - Edit text, numerical data, and list of values. Interactive grids support all item types and item type plug-ins.

    • Master Detail - Create master-detail relationships that are any number of levels deep and across. Create master-detail relationships that are any number of levels deep and across.

    See "Creating a Report," and "Managing Interactive Grids," and "Managing Master Detail Forms."

  • Oracle JET Charts

    Charts in Oracle Application Express release 5.1 are powered by the Oracle JET charting library. Oracle JET charts are a component of the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), an open source toolkit based on modern JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 design and development principles. Oracle JET charts are fast, customizable, and versatile. Charts are fully HTML5 capable and work on any modern browser, regardless of platform, screen size, or features. Easily migrate existing AnyChart charts using the Upgrade Application Wizard.

    See "Creating Charts."

  • Wizard Simplification

    In release 5.1, wizards have been streamlined and simplified.

    • Create Application Wizard - The Create Application Wizard for Desktop applications now supports the creation of interactive grid pages as reports, forms, and master detail. When creating an application from a spreadsheet, this wizard also supports interactive grids as either a single page or a report and form page.

      See "Using the Create Application Wizard."

    • Create Page Wizard - The Create Page Wizard features a more consistent, streamlined interface consisting of fewer steps. Master Detail forms now incorporate an interactive grid region on either a single page or on two pages.

      "See Managing Pages in a Database Application."

  • Calendar

    Calendar in this release offers many improvements:

    • End Date Displayed Inclusive - In release 5.0, the CSS calendar considered the end date of an all-day event as exclusive (similar to the jQuery FullCalendar Plugin ). In release 5.1, the end date is inclusive like all other Oracle Application Express components.

    • JavaScript Customization - Developers can add JavaScript code to support customization of the FullCalendar initialization using the new Initialization JavaScript Code attribute.

    • Dynamic Actions Events - Enables developers to capture events within the calendar and define dynamic actions against these events.

    • Keyboard Support - When the calendar grid has focus, the arrow keys can be used to navigate within the calendar.

    See "Creating Calendars."

  • Item Types

    File Browse page items can be configured to support multiple file uploads, and can be restricted by file types.

  • Page Designer

    • Component View Tab - To assist developers with the transition to Page Designer, Page Designer includes a Component View tab. Similar in appearance to Legacy Component View, the Page Designer Component View tab presents user interface elements and application logic by component type. However, when you click a component and the Property Editor highlights the corresponding attribute in the right pane.

    • Two Pane Mode - Page Designer now enables developers to view just two panes instead of three. Two Pane mode enables developers to focus on two panes at a time.

    • Drag and Drop Tab Reordering - Developers can now customize Page Designer by reordering tabs across panes.

    • Property Editor, Filter Properties Search - Search for a group or an attribute in the Property Editor by entering keyword in the Filter Properties field.

    • Property Editor Change Indicator - Changed attributes display with a blue marker until the page is saved.

    See "Managing Pages in Page Designer."

  • Page Submit

    • Reload On Submit Page Attribute - Enables developers to specify when the page should be reloaded following a page submission.

  • Universal Theme and User Experience Enhancements

    • Font APEX - Font APEX is a new icon library designed specifically for Oracle Application Express and the Universal Theme. Font APEX includes over 1,000 icons. To learn more about Font APEX, install the Universal Theme Sample Application.

    • Live Template Options - Live Template Options enable developers to alter a component's template options without refreshing the page.

    • Theme Styles - Enabling users to select a theme style in a running application.

    See "Using Quick Edit to Modify Live Template Options" and "Enabling Users to Select a Theme Style."

Deprecated and Desupported Features

See "Deprecated Features" and "Desupported Features" in Oracle Application Express Release Notes.

Other Changes

The following are additional changes in the release:

  • All content has been updated to reflect new functionality.

  • Screen captures and graphics have been added and updated to reflect Oracle Application Express release 5.1 user interface enhancements.

  • Changes to the Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide