Open a Support Request

Visit the Support Center to browse and create support requests for technical and billing requests, including service limit increases.

Go to the Support Center.

This option is only available to paid accounts.

The first time you open a support request, you are automatically taken through a series of steps to provision your support account. If you want to make changes or if you run into problems, then refer to Configuring Your Oracle Support Account.


Customers using only Always Free resources and customers using Free Tier accounts are not eligible for Oracle Support. You must upgrade to a paid account to access Oracle Support. If you need support, post a question to Cloud Customer Connect.

If the preceding options did not resolve your issue and you need to talk to someone, then you can create a support request. In addition to support for technical issues, you can open support requests if you need to:

  • Reset the password or unlock the account for the tenancy administrator
  • Add or change a tenancy administrator
  • Ask a question about billing and payments
  • Request a service limit increase
  • Request a root cause analysis (RCA)