Service Essentials

The following topics provide essential information that applies across Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Security Credentials

The types of credentials you'll use when working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Regions and Availability Domains

An introduction to the concepts of regions and availability domains.

IP Address Ranges

Provides information about public IP address ranges for services that are deployed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Resource Identifiers

A description of the different ways your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources are identified.

Resource Monitoring

Information about how to monitor your resources.

Resource Tags

Information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tags and how to apply them to your resources.

Overview of Compartment Quotas

Information about how to control resource consumption within compartments using quotas.

Tenancy Explorer

View all resources in a selected compartment, across regions.

Service Limits

A list of the default limits applied to your cloud resources and how to request an increase.

Console Announcements

Information about the announcements that occasionally appear in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console

Prerequisites for Oracle Platform Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Instructions for setting up the resources required when running an Oracle Platform Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

My Services Use Cases

Use cases for the Oracle Cloud My Services API, to help you interact programmatically with My Services.

Cloud Shell

A free-to-use browser-based terminal accessible from the Oracle Cloud Console that provides access to a Linux shell with pre-authenticated Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI and other useful tools.