Oracle Private Cloud at Customer

Oracle Private Cloud at Customer simplifies private cloud deployments by reducing the time between power-on and production to just a few hours. It combines the scalability, zero-downtime upgradability, and security of Oracle Private Cloud Appliance with a flexible subscription model to deliver IaaS out of the box that can be managed from a single pane of glass.

Deploying Private Cloud at Customer

Platform Architecture and Deployment

Learn about the concept and basic architecture of Oracle Private Cloud at Customer. Oracle deploys the private cloud infrastructure inside your data center. It is your responsibility to prepare your data center for deployment and ensure that all requirements are met.

Configuration Models

Customers can subscribe to different configuration models. The Ethernet-based system is available as a single rack only; the InfiniBand-based system is available as a compact single-rack configuration or a two-rack scale configuration. All configurations can be combined with Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer.

Using Private Cloud at Customer

Managing Cloud Accounts, Access Rights and User Roles

User accounts within Oracle Private Cloud at Customer are assigned in three tiers, based on the Oracle Enterprise Manager IaaS roles and privileges required to perform specific tasks. The topics below provide a description of administrative roles, and step by step configuration and usage instructions organized by user category.

Managing the Virtualized Environment

The virtualized environment hosted on Oracle Private Cloud at Customer is managed through an instance of Oracle Enterprise Manager. It runs in a virtual machine hosted on one of the two initial compute nodes. It is configured with a minimal footprint and priority level to allow customer created VMs to take priority. The topics below provide detailed information and step-by-step instructions for VM configuration, management and usage.

Monitoring Health and Performance

All monitoring functionality is centralized within Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Documentation Resources

Complete Guides and Training Videos

Use these links to access the complete product guides and the collection of training videos on Oracle Learning Library.

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