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Cloud at Customer brings the power of Oracle Cloud to your data center.

Get increased productivity, reduced costs, and unprecedented flexibility in how you consume cloud services. Oracle Cloud at Customer is based on the Oracle Cloud subscription model and is fully managed by Oracle.

Oracle Cloud at Customer offerings include:

Get Started

Browse the information, testimonials, and videos available on the Oracle Cloud Web site for more information about how Oracle Cloud Machine can help you take full advantage of Cloud computing with all the security and control of your data center.

Or take a look at Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Machine, which covers your specific responsibilities and how to get started after Oracle Operations has set up and configured Oracle Cloud Machine in your data center.

Oracle Cloud Machine

Services Available on Oracle Cloud Machine

Already Ordered a Subscription?

If you've already ordered a subscription to the latest Oracle Cloud Machine release, then have a look at the Customer Deployment Guide, which provides details about how you can prepare your data center for the delivery of your Cloud Machine hardware.

Looking for the Previous Release?

If you're already using Oracle Cloud Machine, access the documentation for our previous Oracle Cloud Machine release here.

Exadata Cloud at Customer

Looking for the Latest Release?

Access the latest documentation for Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, which incorporates Exadata Cloud at Customer.

Looking for the Previous Release?

If you're already using Exadata Cloud at Customer, access the documentation for our previous Exadata Cloud at Customer release here.