Typical Workflow to Manage What Users See and Do

Here are the common tasks to start managing what users can see and do when working with Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Task Description More Information

Add users and roles

Add users who want access to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Add a User or a Role

Understand application roles

Learn about the predefined application roles and what they allow users to do in Oracle Analytics Cloud.

About Application Roles

Assign application roles to users

Give your users access to different features by granting them application roles.

Assign Application Roles to Users

Assign application roles to user roles

Grant access to users more quickly through roles. Give a group of users access in one go.

Assign Application Roles to Multiple Users Through Roles

Add members and actions to application roles

Grant access to Oracle Analytics Cloud features in a different way. Go to the application role and assign users and groups from there.

Add Members to Application Roles

Add your own application roles

Oracle Analytics Cloud provides application roles that map directly to all the main features but you can create your own application roles that make sense to your business too.

Add Your Own Application Roles