Use Auto Scaling

Auto scaling is enabled by default when you create an Autonomous Database instance or you can use Scale Up/Down on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console to enable or disable auto scaling.

With auto scaling enabled the database can use up to three times more CPU and IO resources than specified by the number of OCPUs currently shown in the Scale Up/Down dialog. When auto scaling is enabled, if your workload requires additional CPU and IO resources the database automatically uses the resources without any manual intervention required.

To see the average number of OCPUs used during an hour you can use the "Number of OCPUs allocated" graph on the Overview page on the Autonomous Data Warehouse service console. See Console Overview for more information.

Enabling auto scaling does not change the concurrency and parallelism settings for the predefined services. See Managing Concurrency and Priorities on Autonomous Data Warehouse for more information.

See Add CPU or Storage Resources or Enable Auto Scaling for the steps to enable auto scaling.