Change Site Security

When you publish a site and make it available online, you'll want to control who can access the site. Depending on how your system and site administrators configured your environment, you can make the site publicly available to anyone, restrict the site to registered users, or restrict the site to specific users.

You must be the site owner or have the manager role to change site security or any other settings. To change the sign-in requirement, the site must be offline. To change the specified users or user roles, however, the site can be online. When you take a site offline, the site and its folders and files are removed from the hosting location in Oracle Cloud. To take a site offline, select the site from the Sites page and click Take Offline in the menu bar or click the status icon. You’re prompted to confirm your choice.

To change site security:

  1. On the Sites page, select the site and choose Properties from the menu bar or the right-click menu.
  2. Click the Site Security tab.
    The available options on the Site Security tab depend on how your system administrator configured site security settings and, if site governance is enabled, how your site administrator configured the security settings in the template this site is based on. See Get Started with Sites and Understand Site Governance.
  3. To require registered users to sign in to see the site when it’s online, click Yes next to Login Required. To remove the requirement and make the site publicly available when it’s online, click No next to Login Required.
  4. Select which groups of registered users can access the online site. To select individual groups, first deselect Cloud Users.
    • Cloud users: Only authenticated users have access to the site. Authenticated users sign into your domain with a user name and password. This includes users with either the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Visitors role or the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Users role.

    • Visitors: Only users with this role have access to the site. This doesn’t include users with the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Users role.

    • Service users: Only users who can sign into this instance of Oracle Content and Experience can access the site.

    • Specific users: Specify individuals who can access to the site. Click Add Members. Enter a user name or a portion of a user name in the search field. Select the user from the displayed list and repeat to add more users. When done, click Add. To remove a user, click Remove from the menu below the user’s name.

  5. Click Save to save your changes and close the window.
    The site shows that it’s offline and that login is required.
  6. To bring the site online, click Bring Online in the menu bar or click the status icon. Click Confirm to proceed and then click OK.
When you bring a site online, a fully rendered HTML version of the site is created and copied to the hosting location in Oracle Cloud. An online site shows its URL below the site name.

The format of the default URL for unsecured sites is:

The format of the default URL for secured sites is:

Note the addition of authsite in the URL.

You can add a logout URL and implement it as a link, or a button, or a page that shows up in the menu. See Paragraphs, Buttons, and Add Pages.

The format of the logout URL is:


The postlogouturl needs to be in encoded format as above.