Translate a Site with a Language Service Provider

You can manage translations of a site for multiple languages with the OCE Toolkit command-line interface and a Language Service Provider (LSP).

The localization policy for a site specifies a default language, such as English (United States) (en-US), and one or more alternate languages for the site, such as German and French. The text strings for a site can be translated into the specified alternate languages. If you change the language for the site before translation, the text strings will still appear in the default language.

OCE Toolkit provides the following translation options in the command-line interface:

  cec list-translation-jobs                         Lists translation jobs.                                                       [alias:  ltj]
  cec create-translation-job <name>                 Creates a translation job <name> for a site on CEC server.                    [alias:  ctj]
  cec download-translation-job <name>               Downloads translation job <name> from CEC server.                             [alias:  dtj]
  cec submit-translation-job <name>                 Submits translation job <name> to translation connection <connection>.        [alias:  stj]
  cec ingest-translation-job <name>                 Gets translated job <name> from translation connection and ingest.            [alias:  itj]
  cec upload-translation-job <name>                 Uploads translation job <name> to CEC server.                                 [alias:  utj]
  cec create-translation-connector <name>           Creates translation connector <name>.                                         [alias:  ctc]
  cec start-translation-connector <name>            Starts translation connector <name>.                                          [alias:  stc]
  cec register-translation-connector <name>         Registers a translation connector.                                            [alias:  rtc]

You can use the cec list-translation-jobs command to list the translation jobs that are already on the server. For example:

cec ltj -s
Server: <server-name>
Asset translation jobs:
Name                                    Status        Source Language Target Languages                        Pending Languages
testHash                                INPROGRESS    en-US           fr-FR,de-DE                             fr-FR,de-DE
Site translation jobs:
Name                                    Status        Source Language Target Languages                        Pending Languages
demoTest                                TRANSLATED    en-US           de-DE,fr-FR                                              

Typing any cec command without parameters or with -h provides help for the command. See Use the cec Command-Line Utility.

The following sections provide information about translating a site with an LSP:

  1. Create a Translation Job with OCE Toolkit

  2. List Translation Jobs

  3. Create a Translation Connector

  4. Generate a Site Map for a Multilingual Site

  5. Submit a Translation Job to a Language Service Provider

  6. Upload a Translation Job to the Server