Manage Language Assets


  • This feature isn't available in business repositories.
  • This feature isn't available for digital assets based on seeded digital asset types, only custom digital asset types.
Assets can be translated for a localized experience based on the language requirements of a publishing channel. By default, the master version of an asset is displayed on the Asset page. To quickly see what languages exist and the status of those translations, in the list of assets, click the down arrow next to the language.

language list for translations

For additional options when working with language assets, choose Manage Languages in the right-click menu or the Languages menu in the actions bar to open a slide-out panel listing all the current language assets for a content item and their status. Selecting a language asset enables a banner menu with various options.

Language Panel

Item Description
1 Banner menu:
  • Add Language—opens a slide-out panel to initiate translating an asset into a new language.
  • Non-translatable— removes all translations and leaves only the Master language.
  • Publish—opens a slide-out panel to publish the asset.
  • Close—closes the Language panel
  • the additional properties pane opens the properties pane.
2 Actions menu: enables options when an asset or assets are selected. Options vary depending on asset status and number of assets selected. They include:
  • Preview icon opens the selected asset in a slide-out panel.
  • Edit icon opens the selected asset in the editor.
  • Set as Translated marks an asset as translated and must be done before the asset can be submitted for review.
  • Submit for Review (in the Workflow menu) marks the asset as ready to be reviewed. Once submitted, the asset can be approved or rejected.
  • Workflows (in the Sidebar menu) opens the Workflows pane, so you can move the asset through workflow.
  • Set as Master changes which asset is the master asset.
  • Lock/Unlock enables you to lock or unlock assets so that users can't make changes to the asset.
  • Properties opens the Properties pane. This option might show up in the Sidebar menu.
  • Delete icon deletes the asset or assets that are selected.
3 Language Display Filter: enables you to choose what languages are displayed:
  • Show Existing Languages displays languages specific to the content item (displayed by default).
  • Show Repository Languages displays all languages defined in the content item's repository.
  • All Targeted Channels displays the languages used in all targeted channels.
  • Specific channels
4 Properties Pane: details properties of the selected language asset.
5 Language assets: lists all current languages of an asset.