Integrate with Oracle Visual Builder

Why Integrate with Oracle Visual Builder?

You can allow your users to access Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service functionality. Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) is a hosted environment for your application development infrastructure. It provides an open-source standards-based integration to develop, collaborate on, and deploy applications within Oracle Cloud. This enables users to rapidly create web and mobile applications with minimal to no coding.


  • Integration between these services requires SSO, so both services must be in the same identity domain.
  • Only administrators with the enterprise user role can enable integration with VBCS. If you aren’t an enterprise user, the Visual Builder Cloud Service Integration option is grayed out.


There are prerequisites to integrating Oracle Content Management with Oracle Visual Builder. Integrations generally require configurations in both applications that are being integrated. So check the documentation on both sides. In addition to the requirements on the OCM side, you need a subscription for the product that you intend to integrate with OCM.

Integration Process

On the VBCS side, the following must be done before this feature can be used with Oracle Content Management:

On the Oracle Content Management side, you need to configure integration with VBCS:

  1. After you sign in to the Oracle Content Management web application as an administrator, click Integrations in the Administration area of the navigation menu.
  2. Under Oracle Integrations, select Visual Builder Cloud Service Integration to enable the service.

  3. Enter the Service URL of the Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service.


    If you have Universal Credits subscription, you must include ic/builder in your Service URL. For example,