Oracle Digital Assistant

This page brings together a set of presentations for delivery and uptake of Oracle Digital Assistant, including illustration of product features and best practices for developing skills and digital assistants.


Getting Started

This section givens a complete overview of the features of the Digital Assistant platform and includes presentations on understanding the challenges of conversational project and how to design conversations.

Skill Development - NLP Model

This material covers the core skills of building skills, including the basics of domain knowledge, how best to train your model, and how to design skills for FAQs.

Skill Development - Entities

This section helps you master the use of entities to extract key information from user input.

Testing and Data Manufacturing

These presentations guide you through best practices for testing and maintaining skill quality.

Skill Development - Dialog Flow

These presentations guide you through the process of and techniques for designing effective conversation flows.

Adaptive Bot Design

This section covers techniques for building skills that you can optimize for select channels while still enabling them to work well on all others.

Backend Integration

These presentations guide you the ins and outs of integrating your skills with backend systems and other services.

Digital Assistant

These materials walk you through the ways you can optimize the way your digital assistants manage user conversations that traverse multiple skills.


These presentations cover the ways you can expose your digital assistants through a wide variety of messenging clients, web pages, and other channels.

Agent Support

These materials show you ways that you can use digital assistants to improve your customer service while lowering its costs.