Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Skills

Oracle Cloud Applications provides its own digital assistant (FADigitalAssistant) with skills for its various services. If you have come to Oracle Digital Assistant through one of these services, you can learn the basics about accessing, setting up, and extending FADigitalAssistant and its skills in Getting Started with Oracle Digital Assistant for Cloud Applications.

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle Cloud HCM has the following skills:

  • Hcm, which assists with employment-related questions and enables you to initiate manager self-service transactions.
  • HCM Knowledge, which makes Knowledge Management knowledge base content available to HCM HR Help Desk users through multiple channels.
  • Hiring, which enables recruiters and the hiring team to check requisition status and candidate status and review any pending offers.
  • Approvals, which enables you to see the tasks that require your approval and the status of your approval submissions.
  • Candidate Experience, which enables candidates to search for jobs, check their application status, and withdraw their application.

For a walkthrough of the setup of the Hcm skill in Digital Assistant, see Activate a Digital Assistant in Oracle Cloud HCM.

For detailed information on setting up these skills, download the Interact with HCM Cloud Using HCM, Recruiting, & Approvals Skills white paper and How to Enable Web Channel for Candidate Experience presentation from this My Oracle Support page.

Oracle Sales Assistant

Oracle Sales Assistant is a skill that can help you carry out day-to-day sales-related CRM tasks in Oracle CX Sales.